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A big collection of shellac-records for sale
More informations and conditions

About the collection


The collection contents

A) Vocalists
- all 234 titles which are recorded from Enrico Caruso
- and as a special curiosity: one shellac-record which never has been to buy
- records from Frencesco Tamagno (first Othello, yet got up his part by Verdi himself)
- records from Heinrich Schlusnus
- nearly all records from Franz Völker (Wagner-tenor), Joseph Schmidt, Wilhelm Strienz, Karl Schmitt-Walter, Amelia Pinto, Maria Jvogün, Frieda Hempel, Selma Kurz, Sigrid Onegin
- early recordings from Selma and Julius Scheidt, Karl Scheidemantel (born on 1859 at Dresden, Germany)
- records from Leo Slezak and Benjamino Gigli
- nearly all records from Tito Schipa and Tino Rossi, Richard Tauber and Herbert Ernst Groh
- Elena Theodorini
- and more

B) Other musiciens
- pieces for piano played by Richard Strauss, Arthur Nikisch, Josef Hoffmann, Emil von Sauer
- pieces for violin played by Pablo de Sarasate, Mischa Elmann, Fritz Kreisler, Maud Powell, Adolf Busch, Jan Kubelik
- records with celebrated composers who play theirselfs an instrument: Eugène d'Albert, Ignaz Pederewski, Xaver Scharwenka, Paul Hindemith (viola-solo)
- composers who conduct their pieces: Richard Strauss, Igor Strawinski, Emil Waldteufel
- and more

C) Actors, review artists
- theatre: records from Carl Clewing, Sarah Bernhardt, Karl Zeska, Alexander Moissi, Heinrich George, Hugo Thiming, Ernst Ritter von Possart, Adolf Ritter von Sonnenthal, Josef Kainz
- poets: Jakob Bährer, Alfred Huggenberger
- cabaret, film: records from Schaggi Streuli, Alfred Rasser, Emil Hegetschweiler, Rudolf Bernhard, Fredy Scheim, Karl Valentin, Claire Waldoff, Heinz Rühmann, Clown Grock
- and more

D) Speaches from celebrities:
- Max Schmeling (world champion in boxing)
- general Booth, founder of the Salvation Army
- Pope Pius XII
- Theodor Roosevelt, president of USA
- King Arewell
- King George V (United Kingdom of Great Britan)
- Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss (Austria)
- Stalin
- Mussolini
- Hitler
- Goebbels
- and more


The collection had never been inventoried, because Mr Franz H. was died before hi could make it. That is why Mrs H. makes a reduction in the price in the amount of 20 percents.

The collection will be sold only in his entirety.

It will be sold at the person who makes the best bid.

Minimum price: 325'000 US Dollars

If you are interested you can contact us (press link at the top of the site). Mrs H. would like to show you the big collection of her husband.

The web-master declares that is no deliberate misrepresentation in this homepage. Nevertheless errors are possible. The buyer takes the collection at one's own risk.